All people living and working in their purpose, on purpose, celebrating excellence around who and what matters most.


Guide individuals and organizations on their journey toward Happy, Healthy, and Mission-Ready.



Be courageous in your decisions... the benefits can be beautiful.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
― Peter F. Drucker

  • How much are you losing annually because only 33% of employees are engaged at work?
  • What are the 16% of those actively disengaged employees costing you…the ones who are miserable, toxic, and may even be destroying your culture?
  • What is your plan for the other 51% who are not engaged either way?
  • Do you know it costs approximately $50,000 to replace one bedside nurse?
  • Do you know it costs approximately one half to two times a leader’s annual salary to replace them?
  • Are you struggling with any of the many reasons employees leave an organization, such as ineffective managers, lack of trust or autonomy, no investment in growth or development, overwhelming workloads or staffing ratios, or just a stressful or negative culture.
  • How are you supporting the five most critical needs of all employees – especially in today’s world?

We offer education, consulting & coaching, as well as DeliberateCARETM Communities to support the development and performance needs of your leaders and teams.

No leader should have to struggle alone. 



Leadership Development

Do you feel like you’re often second-guessing yourself and everyone around you? 

When leaders lack clarity about what they're doing and why, it can snowball into confusion about what’s truly important.  Eventually you lose sight of what to say yes or no to and before you know it, you have added more things to your task list.  As hard as you try to push through that list, you are left with a huge feeling of overwhelm and over-commitment and struggling to sleep at night.

We can help you determine what is getting in your way of being more effective and leading with excellence, while feeling more confident and in control of your choices.

Leadership Development

Team Performance 

Team performance is a critical indicator of growth.

We have found that the breakdown in project outcomes often results from a lack of trust among relationships.  Failures or delays can also be symptoms of silos, information hoarding, unclear communication, or ambiguous expectations that show up as conflict, confusion, and tension. When teams work synergistically, success levels increase.

We help by assessing your program or project needs, show you how to align around the critical goals, and then support you to rapidly advance the communication among all levels of stakeholders, increasing efficiencies and productivity, while reducing drama and turnover.

Team Performance


Change Management 

Change is constant and can be fantastic and intentional or it can be challenging and unsolicited.

Growing organizations experience change every time they add talent or promote new leaders, as well as in their quest for higher levels of excellence through quality and process improvements to increase value and relevance over time. Sometimes change can take too long, be met with resistance and create alienation within an organization.  This is especially true if the change is not supported through a comprehensive approach that includes solid planning, communications, and execution.

With our help, your organization will celebrate your change initiatives and be better prepared to move toward the changes you need to make most.

Change Management


Some seasons in our lives are more challenging than others. 

Whether you’re in a new role or career, managing stress or change, dealing with conflict, or experiencing some form of crisis, trying to go it alone can take longer and cost you a lot. 

Even if you just want to enhance your personal impact or professional performance, research indicates that partnering with a coach can improve relationships in the workplace as much as 77%, improve job satisfaction as much as 60% and organizational strength as much as 48%. 

Let us be your partner to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be.



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About Vickie Mudra, MPH, PCC, CPC, C-IQ, ELI-MP

Experience what can happen when you ask
“What if it could be different?”
for yourself, your team, or your entire organization.


With a passion for serving professionals and organizations dedicated to the health and safety of others, Vickie Mudra understands the critical importance of ensuring all communities and workplaces around the globe are HAPPY, HEALTHY, MISSION READY.

Fueled by her commitment to help leaders and teams challenge the workplace status quo, she has embarked on a high-stakes quest to ask the tough questions, invite people to wake up, truly connect with why they do what they do, celebrate excellence around who and what matters most, and learn how to transform their personal well-being, their relationships, and their workplace cultures. 

With the goal of bringing joy into the workplace, Vickie has set out on a mission to make sure that those who are so committed to caring for others are energized and empowered to also care for themselves. Using her DeliberateCARE™ model, she knows that living and working in your purpose, on purpose is the most crucial thing we can do as professionals, leaders, and as part of this human experience.

Vickie is an ICF-credentialed transformational leadership coach, educator, consultant, author, researcher, speaker, and community-builder.   Founder and CEO of the Institute for Deliberate Practice, she has over 30 years of leadership and development  experience in both the public and private sectors; holds a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration, and a Master's degree in Public Health, with graduate certification in Disaster Management and certification as a Six Sigma Lean in Healthcare

She is Certified in Happiness Studies, Conversational Intelligence and Energy Leadership, and is a Fellow with the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

“Vickie’s delightful, caring, knowledgeable and innovative approaches to her professional role are second to none! She is highly sensitive to the needs of others in organizations and highly skilled in analysis and problem solving. Her approach to others fosters professional growth and development and encourages a reciprocal relationship building process.” ~ Lucille G, CEO & Nurse Educator
“Vickie has deep knowledge of change at the personal and professional level that she can bring to bear on organizational change initiatives and the change experience for leaders and teams. Vickie is masterful at simple and powerful communications and I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor to work with your teams.” ~ Maria B, International HR Leader and Entrepreneur
“What I appreciate the most, working with Vickie, is her commitment to communication and problem-solving. She is able to look past the obvious and delve deeper into the cause of the problem.” ~ Kim L, Kim L. Executive Director, Medical Education
“I developed a new-found boldness as a result of my coaching with Vickie…I learned how to better assert myself and set boundaries, practice kindness and self-love, and enjoy a greater sense of peace and acceptance – especially in my work relationships.” ~ Nancy E, Executive Director, Public Health Department


After spending almost 15 years in healthcare higher education and workforce development, our founder and CEO Vickie Mudra consistently noticed gaps in the levels of confidence and connection to others that new healthcare and public safety professionals needed to perform their job effectively. Those same professionals got thrown into leadership, even though they were educated to be experts in their chosen field.  As a result, they are often unprepared to meet the challenges of leading others.

Living with stresses of the job and working with colleagues who were experiencing burnout, living in survival mode, thinking about leaving a job that once was a calling, and believing that joy and success are at opposite ends of the spectrum, she felt compelled to help.

  • As a former leader in higher education, focused on clinical and experiential learning, Vickie understands the regulatory and curricular constraints unique to healthcare education - there is only so much that can be taught in school and only so many hours to get it all in.
  • It's not easy getting into healthcare and other career education programs. Those called to these professions often have to jump through many hoops just to get accepted and secure a seat. This is true for educators, first responders, physicians and nurses, as well as healthcare ancillary professionals.
  • As a clinician and previous healthcare administrator, Vickie and her team understand the need to have confident and competent clinicians at the bedside, delivering cost-effective, high-quality, safe care to patients.
  • As a public health professional and experienced federal workforce development advocate, Vickie is concerned that without enough healthcare professionals, we will have no healthcare. Without mission-ready teams mobilized and working together we will be leaving communities uninformed, uneducated, and unprotected.

The Institute for Deliberate Practice is committed to partnerships with community agencies, employers, educators, students, new graduates, and leaders across the disciplines of health and safety bridge the gap between education and employment, between excellent front-line heroes who can become excellent leaders.


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